Payment Infromation

DG Paystub is integrated so Dollar General employees can easily and conveniently access their payroll information. An existing Generaldollar employee can log into DG Paystub with their login details, i.e. Email username and password, GD Paystub connection.


New employees can join the DG Paystub portal by entering their personal information and accessing the general dollar payroll, which allows them to view pay receipts. Employees can use this billing information to verify that they received the correct deductions and correct net pay.

Steps To Check Payment Information

  • Follow the steps below to view your payment information or upload your payment document.
  • Please login to your DGme payroll portal first.
  • On your account page on the left side of the screen, click Option & Payment.
  • The PayStub option will appear in the drop-down menu.
  • Click the eye icon if you see it.
  • Your payment information is now available.
  • The download option is available if you want to download the document. To download it in PDF format, click on the PDF version of Paystub.
  • You can view your payment information on the Dgme Paystub portal.


Employers can use the DGme Paystub portal to easily update important employee data like address or contact details for important messages like 401k or W2 or other private data. DGme Paystub online connection enabled from anywhere, anytime, so Dollar General staff can view your detailed payment information easily and conveniently.

A payroll is part of an employee’s paycheck that includes information on his or her salary. You can find payroll errors by understanding these details. As well as the salary received by the employee, it indicates taxes and other deductions. Dgme Proof of Payment makes accessing your records easy and convenient. Each employee can access the DGME online portal to view their W2s and slips.