DGME Usage

DGme Paystub is an online employee portal for new and current Dollar General employees. It is a self-service portal designed to provide all employees with convenient access to information on compensation, W2, benefits, career advancement programs and employee support programs only at DG Paystub portal.


Dollar General Company has used various websites for its own purposes. Also a separate employee portal where they can view their job performance, discounts, vacancies, weekly work plans and much more.

Discover The Use Of DGME

To access your W2, you will need to use the employee ID. This ID is an eight-digit code. The W2 access code consists of the last four digits of your SSN and then your year of birth. Generic dollar payroll allows current and former employers to access employee information. You may use this information to update important information such as address or contact details for important communications such as 401k or W2 or other private information.

Thus, the DGME payroll is a very useful tool for both workers and their employers. This helps improve communication between stakeholders and reduces the time it would take to manually look up this information about individual employees.

It is easily accessible and offers multiple account recovery methods in case you forget your login details. This will help reduce the fear of losing important information. Provides a way to instantly retrieve payment receipts and other details from your dg account if needed for business purposes.

There are many options if you lose credentials or other important information. One of the most effective registration methods for Dollar General employees is to follow a link provided on the Dollar General Payroll Portal. This link uses information such as employee names, year of establishment and date of birth. After providing this information, the username is retrieved and you can simply reset the old password and replace it with a new one.